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Welcome to the Treasurer's Office Website!

This office consists of three departments: Property Tax, Motor Vehicle and Driver's License. Please check individual departments for contact information and office hours. All three departments ARE open through the noon hour; however, if you will be conducting business with the Driver's License department during lunch time, please call ahead to make sure staff is available.


If you still have unanswered questions on something this website didn't cover, please contact that department and a staff member will assist you.


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Many forms used in the Tax, Motor Vehicle, and Driver License Departments may be accessed and printed at this website.


You may also pay property taxes online.  Click on the link below and follow the instructions.  Payments may be made with Discover, MasterCard, Visa and by e-Check.



Pay Property Taxes (FAQs)





  • Collection of taxes on:
    • Real estate property
    • Mobile homes
    • Utilities
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Grain
    • Buildings on leased land
  • Collection of:
    • County special assessments
    • City special assessments
    • Miscellaneous revenue from other offices
  • Conducts tax sales
  • Processes tax sale redemptions
  • Issues tax sales deeds
  • Processes tax suspensions
  • Prepares mobile home tax clearances
  • Administers the Iowa Tax Credit Program based on age/income
  • Apportions to various districts
  • Investments of revenues
  • Prepares monthly and yearly reports
  • Keeps accurate record of all monies received and disbursed
  • Submits accurate financial records for annual audit



Property Tax Information


  • Tax Statements are mailed once annually in August.  Tax statements are not mailed for the March payment.
  • The annual statement has two payments coupons.  Please enclose the coupon with your payment.
  • The Harrison County Treasurer does not have a copy of your tax statement in the office.  You must include your coupons with payment, to insure proper and complete payment.
  • Iowa law requires a tax statement be sent to the owner of property even though a lending institution pays the taxes.
  • Taxes may be paid in one lump sum on or before September 30th or may be paid in two (2) installments, by September 30th and March 31st each year.
  • To avoid penalty for late payment, the 1st half taxes must be paid before October 1st; the 2nd half before April 1st, including those instances when the last day of September or March falls on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Postmark dates are used to determine delinquency.
  • Paid receipts will be returned to you, only when a stamped envelope is enclosed.
  • Special assessments and drainage tax must be paid by September 30th, to avoid penalty.
  • Delinquent tax notices are mailed May 1st and November 1st of each year.
  • Delinquent taxes are published in the local newspaper in June.
  • Any taxes not paid by the 3rd Monday in June may be sold at the annual tax sale. Tax sale is not an immediate possession sale; it is just what it says it is –a sale of unpaid taxes. The holder of a tax sale certificate MUST wait a required timeframe before proceedings can be started in order to obtain a deed. Within this period of time, the proprety owner can still pay the taxes by redeeming the certificate.
  • Elderly/Disabled Credit, Rent Reimbursement, and Mobile Home credit forms are available after January 1st each year and must be returned to the Treasurer’s Office before June 1st





Q.  Where are you located?

A.  The Tax Department is located on the first floor of the Harrison County Courthouse in Logan, IA.


 Q.  What hours are you open?

A. The Tax Department is open Mon. - Fri., 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Q.  What is your phone/fax number/e-mail address?

A.  The phone number for the Tax Department is (712) 644-2750.  The fax number is (712) 644-2057.

Please e-mail messages and questions to Nancy Cox or Megan Reffett.


Q.  How do I add or change a mailing address for my tax statement?

A. You may notify the Treasurer’s Office my mail, telephone, or e-mail of you change of address.


Q.  Where can I get the latest information about my property taxes?

A.  Call the Treasurer’s Office tax department at (712) 644-2750 for information concerning current year and prior year taxes.


Q.  When will I receive my real estate tax statement?

A.  Real estate, special assessment, and drainage tax statements are mailed annually in August.


Q.  Will I receive a reminder of my 2nd half real estate tax?

A.  No.  Tax statements will only be sent out once in August.  The statement has two payment coupons to be used for the 1st half and the 2nd half.  Delinquent notices will be sent out in May and November.  This notice is only sent to people who owe delinquent real estate taxes.


Q.  Is it important that I include my tax coupon with my tax payment?

A.  Yes, it is very important to include the tax coupons with your tax payment.  The Treasurer’s Office does not retain a paper copy of your tax statement.  The coupon assures you that the correct amount is posted to the correct parcel.  Keep the bottom half of the tax statement for your records.  We will stamp your copy paid in the office.  Mailed statements will be returned to you marked paid only when a stamped envelope is enclosed.


Q.  Why are special assessment statements mailed to me?

A. The special assessment statement will inform you of the type of special assessment for which you are being billed.  Examples of special assessments are paving, sidewalk repairs, and delinquent water bills.  Special assessments are due once a year with the first half property tax installment.  In you have additional questions please contact our office.


Q.  Will I receive a drainage tax statement every year?

A. Drainage taxes are based on the indebtedness of the drainage district.  Drainage taxes may not have to be collected each year because of the change of indebtedness.  You will be mailed a drainage tax statement with your real estate tax statement if there is a drainage tax due.  Drainage taxes are due once a year with the first half property tax installment.


Q.  When do I have to pay penalty on my taxes and how much is it?

A.  Penalty attaches to the 1st half taxes on October 1st and to the 2nd half taxes on April 1st at 1 1/2 percent per month.  Payments must be received in the Treasurer’s Office or postmarked before October 1st and April 1st, including those instances when the last day of September or March falls on a Saturday or Sunday.  In this instance, payment will be received in the office or postmarked the following Monday, without penalty.


Q.  How late can I pay my taxes and not get my name published in the paper?

A.  The actual date for this varies from year to year. Please mail or call for this information.


Q.  I have an escrow company paying my taxes, do I notify you of this or does the escrow company notify you?

A.  The escrow company must request your tax statement each year from the Treasurer’s Office.  The request must be in writing with the property owners names and legal description included.  The request must be submitted by June 1st.  The Treasurer’s Office will mail tax statements to the escrow company and to the property owner.  However, most escrow companies access owner’s information from the website. They do not want “paper copies” sent to them.


Q.  Is there any type of credit or help available for elderly, disabled, or low-income property owners?

A.  Yes.  To find out if you quality for the Iowa Property Tax Credit and to obtain an application, please call our office.


Q.  Where do I apply for a homestead credit and a military credit?

A.  You apply for these credits at the Harrison County Assessor’s Office.  This office is located on the first floor of the courthouse in Logan, Iowa.  The telephone number is (712) 644-3101.


Q.  When is the tax sale held?

A.  The tax sale is held each year on the 3rd Monday of June.  Contact the office for more details.


Q.  What should I do if I have a tax sale on my property?

A.  Please contact this office to determine your rights concerning redemption and the amount necessary to redeem the tax sale.  Tax sale redemptions must be made in guaranteed funds - cash, cashier’s check, or money order.


Q.  I have sold my property. Who pays the real estate taxes?

A.  You need to contact your realtor or attorney on advice on this issue.  This questions should be answered before the closing date of the sale of the property.


Q.  Is it possible to make a partial payment on real estate taxes?

A.  Yes, we do accept a form of partial payment.  The 1st half taxes may be paid in two payments and the 2nd half taxes may be paid in two payments.


Q.  Do you take credit cards for real estate payment?

A.  Yes, we do not accept debit/credit cards for tax payments in the office or online.  Other in-office modes of payment: personal check, money order, cashier’s check, or cash.  You may pay real estate taxes on the Internet by card or e-check .  The website for online tax payments is:


Q.  I am going to be moving my mobile home to another location; do I need a tax clearance form?

A.  Yes, a mobile home tax clearance form is required when moving your mobile home to another location.  Please contact our office for more information.



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