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Q.  Where do I go to pay online?

A.  The web address is  This is the official website for the Iowa State County Treasurers Association.  Click on “CLICK HERE TO PAY PROPERTY TAXES.”  Click on the County Locator and select Harrison County from the map of Iowa or the drop-down menu.


Q.  How do I pay online?

A.  You can use Discover, MasterCard or Visa credit cards.  You can also pay from your checking account through an electronic funds transfer called e-Check.


Q.  What is an e-Check?

A.  An e-Check is a one-time authorization to automatically debit your checking account.


Q.  Is it safe to pay your taxes on the Internet?

A.  When using this service, your interactive financial transaction will be conducted using a 128-bit SSL encryption.  This means a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) is in place and your card number is encrypted for protection, then transmitted in a special way to ensure your credit card, e-check and personal information are safe on the Internet.


Q.  Do I have to use this service?

A.  This online payment service is offered for your convenience by the Harrison County Treasurer.  You may pay with MasterCard or Visa through this service or in the Treasurer's office, but this service is the only way of paying your taxes with an e-Check.  You can pay online anytime, 24 hours a day.  This gives you a way to pay your taxes when the courthouse is closed, even on the final day taxes are due.


Q.  Do I need my tax statement to pay online?

A.  If you are paying by e-Check you will need the PIN # on your tax statement.  If you are paying by credit card, it is recommended you have your tax statement for verification purposes.


Q.  Do I get a receipt?

A.  Yes.  On the last step of the payment process, there is an option to print a receipt for the transaction.  You can also enter an email address and have a receipt sent to you.  If you want, you can also receive an email reminder when your taxes are next due.


Q.  Can I pay delinquent taxes?

A.  Yes.  Taxes that remain unpaid may be paid online.


Q.  Does it cost extra to pay my taxes over the Internet?

A.  Yes.  Every time a payment is made, there is a service delivery fee that includes a fee for using credit cards and e-checks.  You are advised of the total amount of the fee before you complete the transaction online.


Q.  Can I pay someone else’s taxes too?

A.  Yes, you can. You can pay taxes on several parcels in the same county at one time.  To pay taxes in another county, just click on the County Locator and select the appropriate county from the map of Iowa or drop down menu.


Q.  When will my transaction be considered PAID?

A.  Your payment is time and date stamped when you submit a payment online.  These times will be treated the same as a postmark.  For example, if the log shows that a payment was submitted at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on September 30, the payment will be considered timely and no late interest charges will apply.  To submit a payment online select the “Click to Pay Tax” box on the Step 6 of the online payment service, after you have provided your personal payment information.


Q.  Can I use my credit card to pay property taxes in person at the Harrison County Treasurer’s Office?

A.  Harrison County do accept any credit card, except American Express at this time, when you pay at the Treasurer’s Office counter.  The website service accepts payments using Visa, MasterCard and e-Checks and delivers your tax payment to the Harrison County Treasurer.  These are only offered as a method of payment on the Internet.


Q.  Do I have to pay the entire amount that is due?

A.  Partial payments are accepted on regular real estate tax and mobile home tax.  By law partial payments cannot be accepted on special assessments or drainage assessments.


Q.  What else can be done at

A.  You can get information about drivers licenses, motor vehicle renewals and print over 40 different forms used for car registration, property tax and driver’s license needs.  You can find the answers to questions any time of the day or night, and send emails to your treasurer’s office.  The website is an extension of the Treasurer’s office that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and at no extra cost to the county budget.




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