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Harrison County maintains 144 miles of paved roads and 792 miles of gravel road.  In addition, there are over 160 miles of earth roads in the county.  The Code of Iowa requires all counties to employ a licensed engineer to be in charge of the construction and maintenance of all roads under the county’s jurisdiction.  The County Board of Supervisors fixes the terms of employment of the engineer.  All employees of the Secondary Road Department are hired by the County Engineer, at the direction of the Board, to carry out the duties of the Department.



Primary Duties


Responsible for supervision of all construction and maintenance work performed on all secondary roads within the county.


The County Engineer’s Office is responsible for the design and construction of all road and bridge projects on the road system.  All permits pertaining to use of the roadway are issued from the office.


These include:


  • moving permits for oversize/overlength truck loads
  • work in the right–of–way authorization
  • underground utility permits
  • approval of driveways/field entrances


The County Secondary Road Department is responsible for general maintenance on all county roads.  This includes the installation of traffic signs, maintaining road surfaces, ditch drainage on the road right–of–way, vegetation control, and winter snow and ice control.





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Engineer's Building

301 N 6th Ave

Logan, IA 51546



Hours of Operation


Mon. - Thur.

7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Mon. - Fri.

6:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Phone: (712) 644-3140

 Fax:  (712) 644-3412



Steven Struble

(County Engineer)


Ron Bell

(Field Assistant to the Engineer)


Steve Earlywine

(Road Foreman)


JR Ohl

(Assistant Road Forman)


Randy Cloyd

(Engineering Technician)


Arnold Smith

(Engineering Technician)


Kathy Lundergard

(Office Manager)


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